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Take Advantage of Rye Subarus Winter Car Care Tips


Winter is particularly rough on cars but preparing your Subaru for winter is essential if you live in Rye, NY. Whether this is your first winter driving or you are a seasoned veteran, Rye Subaru has prepared some winter car care tips to make life a little easier. Our certified technicians stand by to help with the latest diagnostic technologies and techniques to ensure your Subaru is prepared to handle anything winter throws at you. Be sure to schedule your Subaru winter maintenance or contact one of our knowledgeable representatives to learn more about how the weather affects your car’s performance. The team is happy to share our winter car care tips.

Be Sure to Bring Your Subaru in for Winter Maintenance

While Subarus are known to be durable and long-lasting vehicles, bringing them in for routine maintenance can extend their lifespan. The winter months can be rough because they can prevent your car from working optimally. Getting your vehicle into our Subaru service center can help prevent costly repairs or help ensure your Subaru can handle dangerous conditions. Here are some steps we take to ensure your car is winterized:

Oil Change – It’s vital to take advantage of our oil change services during the winter. The oil keeps the engine working as intended and is designed to prevent dirt and debris from getting to the engine. Our technicians will change the oil and filter to ensure optimal performance.

Tires – Tires can make a difference in driving in winter. It’s essential to ensure your tires have plenty of treads left and the right amount of air pressure. Our technicians will perform a tire rotation and recommend investing in all-season tires designed to handle better summer rain, winter ice, and everything in between. If interested, be sure to talk to one of our technicians when you bring your Subaru in. 

Battery – Cold temperatures can drain your battery. It’s best to check it throughout the winter months routinely. The last thing you’ll want to deal with is a dead battery in cold weather.

Check Your Fluids and Windshield – Check your fluids constantly. It’s the best habit to make sure your Subaru’s fluid levels are full before traveling during winter. Your windshield and wipers should also be in excellent condition. Visibility is limited during winter; providing wipers that can handle the elements will be beneficial.

Inspect The Lights – You’ll need extra light during snowstorms to improve visibility. We’ll make sure all the lights are in excellent working condition.

Pack an Emergency Kit – Rye Subaru recommends having an emergency kit in the trunk of your car. It should contain first aid, flashlights, non-perishable snacks, ice scrapers, water, blankets, and warm clothes.

The Importance of Subaru Winter Maintenance

As you can see, winter weather can significantly impact your car’s ability to perform. Failing to prepare your vehicle for winter can lead to safety and reliability concerns. Taking advantage of our Subaru winter maintenance can help you save money in the long run. Smaller investments such as antifreeze, new windshield wipers, and all-season tires can help you avoid more severe road hazards. Winterizing your Subaru isn’t just about protecting your investment--it also keeps you and your passengers safe. Checking your battery ensures your car starts when needed and getting an oil change helps your Subaru run smoothly. Rye Subaru is dedicated to preparing your vehicle for whatever challenges winter presents.

Get Your Winter Maintenance Scheduled Online

The Rye Subaru team wants to ensure you have properly prepared your car for winter. We offer multiple maintenance services to keep your vehicle running smoothly throughout the harshest winter conditions. When the weather gets cold, it's time to visit our Subaru service center and schedule your winter car maintenance. While you're here, we'll share additional tips to get the most out of your Subaru. Be sure to schedule your care in advance to avoid any wait.


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