Rye Subaru Offers Competitive Trade-In Values

When it’s time to upgrade your car, consider trading in your old car to Rye Subaru in Rye, NY. We offer competitive trade-in value that allows you to get a great deal on new and used vehicles. Several factors are essential to consider when determining the value of your vehicle, such as condition, make, and model. If you’re planning to trade in your car for one of our new or used vehicles, it’s best to have a general idea of your vehicle’s worth. We’ve created an application below that allows you to enter some information such as make, model, VIN number, and more to generate a trade-in offer. The offer will allow you to look for a vehicle without breaking the bank. If you’re ready to get a new car visit us or call one of our knowledgeable representatives to schedule an appraisal today.

Why Trade Your Old Car with Rye Subaru?

When you come to Rye Subaru to either trade, buy, lease, or take advantage of our service center, you can rest easy knowing we made customer service our first goal. We aim to make car buying as straightforward as possible for our customers. We’ll work with you to ensure you get the best deal possible with our competitive trade-in values allowing you to seamlessly apply that offer to one of our new or used vehicles. By trading in your vehicle, you also gain access to global incentives that can help get you the car of your dreams without going over your budget. Our incentives are consistently updated, and we recommend checking our offers page frequently. Here are some additional reasons to trade in your old car with Rye Subaru:

Receive an Accurate Competitive Trade-In value – Through our application, customers can get an offer that reflects the actual value of their vehicle.

Trade-In Towards Vehicle or Money – Rye Subaru offers the option to either receive your vehicle’s worth in case or towards the purchase of one of our new or used vehicles.

Easier Than Selling On Your Own – Through our appraisal system, customers won’t have to set up additional appointments or haggle on a great offer. We can offer you the best value possible using our application and our technicians' expertise.

Access to Our Financial Experts – Working with us grants access to our financial experts. They can answer all your questions regarding potential trade-in value and the cost of driving off the lot with a new vehicle.

How to Trade In Your Old Car

Trading in your old car has never been easier. If you’ve never done it before or are anxious about the process, Rye Subaru offers multiple ways to get a competitive trade-in value for your vehicle. You can utilize the application on this page, bring your vehicle to our showroom, or schedule an appraisal. When you’re ready to upgrade your vehicle, follow these simple steps:

Explore – After determining your trade-in value, explore our inventory of new and used vehicles to find a model that fits your needs and budget.

Discuss – If your trade-in value doesn’t completely cover your dream vehicle, one of our financial experts will work with you to discuss leasing and loan options.

Inform – It may seem daunting to trade in an older car for one that has an outstanding loan balance. We’ll work with you to ensure you’re informed and able to make the right decision.

Visit – Once ready, bring your vehicle, title, registration, and keys to Rye Subaru. One of our technicians will inspect your vehicle and make the official trade offer.

Schedule an Appraisal with Rye Subaru

Rye Subaru aims to make car buying as straightforward as possible for our customers. Our competitive trade-in deals do just that, allowing our customers to exchange their older vehicle for a new or used vehicle that better fits their needs. A general idea of what your car is worth better allows you to view our inventory with realistic expectations for your budget. If your trade-in is less than the cost of your new vehicle, our team will work with you to get the best loan to cover the remaining cost, allowing you to drive off the lot in the car of your dreams. Be sure to contact us to schedule your appraisal today.