Experience What Subaru Has to Offer at Rye Subaru


For decades Subaru has built an incredible reputation based on its safety features, top-performing engines, all-wheel drive, and customizable features. It's no surprise that customers continue to trust Subaru repeatedly. Rye Subaru in Rye, NY, strives towards excellence by offering the best Subaru has to offer. When you buy a vehicle from us, you can rest easy knowing you're getting impressive handling and overall reliability in a car built to last. What sets us as Rye Subaru apart is our dedication to our customers and communities. We're constating striving to innovate to make our products and the experience smooth and more enjoyable. Be sure to stop by and talk to one of our dedicated sales representatives to learn more about why Subaru is a great brand.

What Are the Best Features of Subaru Cars?

In today's highly competitive and demanding market, customers want to know they're getting the best possible features. When shopping for a new Subaru, you will be satisfied with our selection of models and parts catered to fit your specific needs. Our safety, performance, and comfort set us apart from other brands. Here are some of the best features that make Subarus stand out:

  • Safety – Subaru is one of the most recognized manufacturers regarding safety. We constantly earn top safety picks as our vehicles come equipped with features to avoid accidents or soften the impact when a collision does occur. Another safety feature that makes us stand out is our EyeSight technology which acts as a second pair of eyes while on the road. This feature is so effective that it reduces rear-end collisions by 85% and is standard on all Subaru models.
  • Performance – The most recent fleet of new models from Subaru come equipped with a sophisticated all-wheel drive system that better adapts to changing road conditions. Whether it’s rain, snow, or sleet, the new drivetrain system will ensure the wheels can generate extra power to keep you safe and in control. This feature is combined with our torque vectoring control that improves handling and helps you quickly take sharper corners.
  • Comfort – We’re proud to offer comfortable and spacious vehicles that are perfect for soccer practice to off-road adventures. Some models come with roof rails standard allowing for more accessible transportation of cargo. Some models have additional perks, such as heated seats, sunroof, and higher trim levels.

Benefits of Driving a Subaru

Subaru has been around since the 1950s and carries a reputation for making reliable cars. Some unpassable benefits make Subaru stand out if you’re in the market for a new vehicle. We offer multiple models and features that can turn anyone into a lifelong fan. Here are some of the benefits of driving a Subaru:

  • All-Wheel Drive – Our cars have always been known for being able to handle any weather condition, and that reputation continues. With the new all-wheel drive system, you can be confident knowing you’ll be able to get to where you’re going regardless of the conditions. With some brands, all-wheel drive isn’t standard, but with us, it comes with every Subaru you buy.
  • Trusted Safety Leader – We’ve consistently earned top safety picks, making our vehicles great for children or pets. Our Subaru eyesight system allows you to monitor blind spots making lane shifting safer, among other things.
  • Fuel Efficient Choice – Subarus aren’t just safer or offer all-wheel drive standard. We provide better fuel efficiency as well. This is thanks to our Lineartronic continuous variable transmission, which makes our models among the most fuel-efficient options.
  • Vehicle Selection – Shopping with us means having easy access to one of the best vehicle lines available on the market. We have SUVs like the Forester, a sedan like the Legacy, or even a WRX if you’re looking for a hatchback. Regardless of your needs, we have the perfect car.

A Reliable, Safe, and Environmental-Friendly Option

We’re an outstanding option for reliable, safe, and affordable cars. Rye Subaru offers a wide selection of new and used Subaru models, and we’re always ready to go the extra mile for our customers. Whether that means helping with financing, working with you to custom order your Subaru, or even finding the perfect used car, our staff is ready and willing to help. These are some things that make us and the Subaru brand stand out. If you’re ready to experience our dedication, visit our showroom or call and talk to one of our representatives today.